USC Village

Project Description

USC Village was a $1.1 billion, two-phased project encompassing 1.25-million-sq-ft of five-story residential halls built to house 2,700 students. The Village additionally provides a full-service grocery store and a fitness center. The surrounding area transitions into an open-air environment with cafes, plazas, pedestrian walkways, and lush green spaces with trees and fountains.

The University of Southern California sought to combine two areas of need; more student housing on campus and broadening the school's reach into the South Los Angeles neighborhood. The project is architecturally designed to be compatible with the existing gothic style.  It encompasses 6 distinct buildings located on a 15-acre urban site. The extensive site and infrastructure improvements were also included.

In terms of bolstering the local economy, an estimated 12,000 long-term jobs were created and at least 30 percent of the project’s construction jobs came from local sources within the community.

Through our capacity to provide large crews of carpenters, MBJ set 4000 door frames and ran final adjustments for fire inspectors. Due to the life safety aspect of the door frames smoke seal, MBJ was successful at implementing 30 thousand linear feet of pneumatic caulking which increased the productivity as well as exceeded the installation specifications.

We have a proven track record on large projects in Los Angeles which was a productive fit for this substantial USC Village expansion and the school's focus on local job creation and inclusion.

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